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The Christmas Tree Box Workshop

Join us at Urban Craft Co. for a DIY workshop to make The Christmas Tree Box! 

This tree box is a solid wood piece and it is HEAVY, our tree box is 3 sided so you can slide it around your tree easily, (no lifting and setting the tree inside) It also folds in on itself for easy storing!! How cool is that?? The box can be plain on the front or you can add a festive message.

 BYOWhatever you'd like to sip or snack on and enjoy the workshop!

Tree Box measurements

  • Regular fits most standard tree stands (ours is around a 9' tree and is Walnut stain) approx. 27" long on the front x 25" sides x 12" tall x 1.5" thick.  Folded approx. 27" x 12" x 5"
  • Pencil or slim (Pictured in whitewash white stain) fits approx. 18" long on the front x 15" sides x 12" tall x 1.5" thick. Folded approx. 18" x 12" x 5"


  1. Choose between the Regular or Pencil (slim) tree box.
  2. Choose a festive message or personalize it for your project. 
  3. Check yes to ensure all information is correct.
  4. Tell us if you are sitting next to someone
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